Friday, February 3, 2012

From BlackBird to New Beginnings Colorado

Hi everyone...I am not for sure if you remember me for I have been gone for a few months. Finally got my life back together and enjoying it to the max. Yep, I have moved to the great state of the Rockies...Colorado and I am loving' it! Never thought I would love this place as much as my past dwellings...but I have. I live so close to snow covered mountains, high dessert monuments, rivers, lakes and just the massive big blue sky. This state is ranks #7 of having the most sunny days among all 50 states. The cloud formations combined with the blue skies are just out of this world along with the sunrise and sunsets...never saw so much pink colors in the sunrise and deep reds of the sunsets.
I hope you all will decide to follow me once again and YES I am still following you.
Diane Sage WhiteOwl